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 Eric Nicholls (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals)

 Ryan Nicholls (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals)


Established: January 2015

Who are The Boh-tinis?

The Boh-tinis is an acoustic duo formed by brothers residing in the Baltimore-Metropolitan area. Brothers, Ryan and Eric Nicholls, had a vision of entertaining the masses with some of their favorite songs from times past. Both agreed that people are looking for an outlet from their busy lives while enjoying their time away from work and responsibilities.


The Boh-tinis strive to entertain everyone, young and old, with music ranging from the early days of rock and roll to the modern sounds found on the radio today. Anyone who is looking back on past memories they had in their youth with long lost friends, or those of us searching to make new memories, will be revisited with The Boh-tinis.

If you are interested in booking The Boh-tinis, feel free to contact Rob Baier: 

Linda Pollard



What generes or styles of music do The Boh-tinis Perform?

  • The Boh-tinis are a very versatile group. They can cover a wide range of music, for up to 6 hours, ranging from 1950s through today's top 40 favorites!

Have The Boh-tinis ever performed at large events including weddings?

  • Yes, The Boh-tinis have provided both acoustic music and DJ music services for various weddings and large events in the past. We can accommodate almost any event no matter what style or size of the event.

Will The Boh-tinis take request from the crowd?

  • Yes, The Boh-tinis are always open to crowd request and we will do our best to accommodate those requested songs. If we are unable to fulfill the song choice, we will always try to learn those request for future performances.

What do The Boh-tinis charge for DJ services?

The prices for DJ services provided by The Boh-tinis will be decided by various factors:

  • The type of event. (Wedding, Party, Club, Private, Industry)

  • The travel conditions and distance to and from the event.

  • The length of time of the event. This also includes the set up and break down times.

  • The amount of gear needed for the event.

A Maryland Acoustic Duo

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